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Welcome to FBF Blog! This blog is open for the use of any interested individuals to share their thoughts and comments. In this blog we will post useful topics regarding marriage, parenting, and singleness. Also, we will post positive insights and solutions to solve problems and some advice to help us overcome our everyday challenges. The blogs include articles from other Christ centered family ministries, life experiences and life lessons, different discussion topics and even questions individuals may have about marriage, parenting, singleness and other family related topics. We hope and pray that you will benefit out of it and we encourage you to participate by commenting and sharing to others.


Marriage is a holy covenant made before God and requires a serious commitment. Marriage is a wonderful blessing from God. It involves a very intimate relationship between a man and a woman. This relationship very important and is worth fighting for and is worth investing on. When we intentionally build and nurture our marriage, we will enjoy it and make it a fulfilling and prosperous relationship which honors God.


Parenting in general has become very challenging in today’s culture. Especially when it comes to Christian parenting, parents face so many obstacles to raise their children in God honoring ways. To successfully raise children who respect their parent s and love God, we have to investing on our day to day godly parenting. It is critical that parents be intentional in their parenting and be committed to guide the lives of their children by being present when they need them. Parents need to take their parenting seriously seeking Biblical advise and wisdom. 


In our world today we see single men and women who are waiting for the right person to marry or some are single after a divorce or some separated themselves for serving the Lord. In all circumstances, there are ups and downs we face every day. There are situations that need careful actions. For example, what is God’s will, how to select a mate, and what to do while waiting for the right person. We will try to address these and others topics in this blog.