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Education Support and Fellowship An integrated service to build a strong family Creating a stronger community, one family at a time!

Family Builders Services – የቤተሰብ ገንቢዎች አገልግሎት

Education / ትምህርት

If you have a vision for an educational program and need help bringing it to life, Family Builders can meet your needs.  For more than seven years, we have provided the expertise and manpower to help individuals, churches and non-profit organizations realize their ideas in Family Education and Peace Making. We are committed to making quality educational programs available to attendees in our community. Here is what we can do for you, your organization or church:

1. Family Education Design and Implementation,

2. Workshops and Conferences,

3. Monthly educational meetings.

It is only as we educate and develop families that we permanently succeed as a community.  Join us at the First Friday of every Month.

Support / ድጋፍ

Our goal is to provide family centered services which support and promote the wellness and strengths of families and to create a strong Community. Family Builders’ provides intervention and support to Families with crises in their relationships. People who are experiencing a crisis need information about their current condition and the steps they can take to minimize the damage. We often help Families to understand their crisis. While the situation may seem both dire and endless to the person experiencing the crisis, the goal is to help them see that he or she will eventually return to normal functioning. One of the most important elements of our support involves offering counseling support, stabilization and resources.

Services & Fellowship / አገልግሎት እና ህብረት

Family Builders offer a variety of Family services either directly or through affiliation and referrals. Whether you are interested in Education, lay counseling, Peace Making services, diagnosis, or a combination of these supportive services, you will find help and options with us. We provide a caring environment, comfortable surroundings, and confidential and highly competent skills. You will receive guidance toward possible solutions to concerns, feelings, conflict, and challenges in personal, relationship, and Family-related issues. Often, individual challenges can impact a couple or the whole family. To explore ways we might assist you in gaining resolution, review our services or contact us.