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FAMILY BUILDERS / የቤተሰብ ገንቢዎች

Education, Support, and Fellowship – An integrated service to build a strong family

Creating a stronger community, one family at a time!

Family Builders Services – የቤተሰብ ገንቢዎች አገልግሎት

Family Builders Fellowship (FBF) is a non-profit organization based in Alexandria, VA. FBF was established in July, 2006.  Our aim is to accomplish its mission through equipping couples and singles with proven skills, tools, and leadership trainings to build stronger marriages. The Fellowship utilizes its volunteers and partner with others, who share its mission, to achieve its goals.
FBF is governed by an elected Board of Directors who provide the fellowship with direction and governance. The Board of Directors oversees the fellowship and answers to the members of FBF.